Dr. Mohammed Abdulatef Ali Al-Shargabi

Assistant Professor in Computer Networks, Head of Information Systems Department, College of Computer Sciences and Information Systems, Najran University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • I received a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2011 from University Technology Malaysia with excellent academic record that allows achieving best student award and alumni award at PhD graduation.
  • I have more than 9 years teaching experience at university level in different environments (Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen) gives me the ability to contribute in the academic work using the Outcome Based Education (OBE) paradigm, design and deliver learning resources and curriculum of innovative programs using innovation, cooperation, and self-development.
  •  Expert with Quality Assurance agencies standards such as ABET, NCAAA, and Quality Matters QM. That allow me to be an education Quality consultant for some academic programs and deanship of ELearning in Najran University.  
  • My research experience allowed me to receive certain research scholarships and funds with 20 research publications in the field of computer science. Moreover, I supervised many students at different levels bachelor and master students. My current research interest is Network Quality of Service and Security.
  • Currently, I am working with my team since 2012 as head of Development and Quality Unit and the coordinator of the academic affairs of the college to get ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) accreditation and National accreditation (NCAAA). For this reason, I have attended many trainings and workshops in education continuous improvements in USA and KSA. This task gives me the experience on designing and managing academic programs with international standards. Furthermore, it gives me flexible nature that allows for innovation, resolve problems affecting the quality of the work, strategic planning, continuous professional development, and respect the opinions of others in the teamwork environment.
  • During my career in different societies, the good communication skills allow me for contributing to the society with various community services events. I have delivered many talks to the community and be a chair or member of different societies. Moreover, I have conducted several quality assurance and accreditation workshops to several universities