His Royal Highness Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Najran region approved funding Najran University chair, named 'Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah Chair in the Field of Endemic Diseases in Najran', NU Rector said. He added that the university would benefit from funding of His Highness in purchasing scientific equipment and materials and preparing laboratories that serve this area of research. Besides, researchers in the field of endemic diseases will be attracted for investigating these diseases, studying their types, and prevalence and how to reduce them.

Dr. AL-Hassan pointed out that research chairs at universities are significant ways of enhancing research and knowledge and contributing to the development. Therefore, we find that the developed countries encourage the creation of such chairs at the universities and urge elders (public figures) to support and invest in what they can offer services to the community and building knowledge as well as  sustainable development in the community.

Dr. AL-Hassan thanked His Royal Highness Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz for such generous donation, which will contribute to the region's service and the enrichment of the research process at the university. Such support is not surprising from the Prince who is keen to follow up on the university's activities, projects and programs. he and is a good supporter of the University efforts to raise the performance of University to achieve the vision and aspirations of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to let this university prestigious scientific one and compete international outstanding universities.

Dr. AL-Hassan stressed that selecting the study of endemic diseases at Najran University due to its importance and the keenness of His Highness Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah to achieve health security for the region. In doing so, this command works to fight against these diseases by finding out what they are and thus reduce the spread through serious scientific research.

Endemic Diseases in Najran

Endemic diseases occupy a great deal of medical problems especially in developing countries, where such burden affects the national product of the country in terms of productivity and the ability of the individual as well as the economic burden of treating medical problems.He pointed out that these diseases are divided according to their causes into 3 main types:

·       Diseases caused by viruses

·       Diseases caused by bacteria

·       Medical diseases caused by parasite

The importance of such diseases is determined according to five major factors:

·       Prevalence rate

·       Incidence rate

·       Severity of the infection Virulence

·       Disease morbidity rate of patients

·       Mortality rate of death rate