Objectives & Tasks


1.      To create a base for  the self-assessment of various academic programs of the University

2.      To contribute to the formulation of objectives for the various University programs, verifying their implementation through continuous assessment of the educational process and control.

3.      To develop teaching skills of faculty members through seminars, workshops and courses.

4.       To develop staff skills.

5.       To prepare academic programs and colleges for local, regional and international institutional and academic accreditations.


6.       To develop the learning skills of male and female students


7.       To improve methods of evaluating courses in line with the objectives of the curriculum

8.      To evaluate the performance of faculty members

9.      To establish the principle of continuous development of the elements of the educational process


1.      General supervision of the work related to units of the Deanship of Development and Quality.

2.      Organizing the tasks of the units and departments associated with the deanship, approving and developing action plans for these units. 

3.       Approving formation of committees with respect to the tasks of units associated with the deanship in a way that achieves the deanship objectives.

4.      To Follow-up meeting the criteria of institutional and academic accreditation of all academic and administrative units of the University.

5.      Providing support and advice for the academic and administrative units of the university to prepare them for assessment and academic accreditation and quality assurance plans as well as supervision of the plans for improvement.

6.      Establishing scientific and professional relations between the university and higher education institutions interested in academic accreditation and quality for the exchange of expertise in all fields, aiming to improve performance.

7.       Following up the implementation of the suggestions and recommendations sent to the various academic and administrative units of the university

8.       Preparing studies and consultancies to support strategic plans and priorities of development of the various academic and administrative units of University.

9.       Supervising the development and implementation of development plans based on periodic self-evaluation of all academic and administrative units as well as the assessment studies used for external periodic review.

10.    Reviewing and updating the strategic plans of the University units according to developments in higher education systems.

11.   Suggestion of establishing units, centers and departments that support the quality and development requirements of the university.