1. Distribute the list of students at the beginning of each academic year or semester wise to academic advisors so that each advisor have a less than or equal twenty students.
  2. Conduct a meeting in the first week of each academic year / semester with new students and transferees to provide them with the necessary information for undergraduate study. Introduce them with their advisors and to explain the responsibilities of advisors and advisees are.
  3. Open a file for each student with his advisor.
  4. Provide all students’ documents (academic transcripts, timetable, and marks) to the advisors to follow-up students.
  5. The advisor will follow-up service required by the student, and find out the appropriate response to it.

 Advisees Side:

  1. Come to the advisors, according to groups advertised in the announcement boards.
  2. Fill out some necessary forms to open the file.
  3. Bring photo copy of documents (National identify card, university card... etc).
  4. Bring passport size photo.
  5. Meet with Academic advisor to determine the type of service required.

 Academic Advising Requirements:

  • Determining the location of each academic advisor to accommodate all students who shall guide them.Determining a specific time or advising office hour to meet with students.
  • Preparing a list of students for each academic advisor.
  • Preparing a file for each student contains all the necessary papers.
  • Preparing a file for each student and prepare the necessary papers for academic advising.
  • Give the student opportunity to change his academic advisor.