Academic and Career Advising

Academic advising unit of CS  and IS program governs by the college of CSIS aimed to provide the absolute guidance to students through efficacious counseling regarding students' academic and personal difficulties. Students are formed in a group according to their student ID and each group has been assigned to an academic advisor to ensure that all students get academic counseling throughout the program.

Each newly enrolled student is encouraged to meet his/her academic advisor and open a student file which should be kept and maintained by academic advisor as record. This file should reflect student progress mainly concerning on student's results. Academic advisors write a summary report on each student progress at the end of each semester and on the base of progress report, academic advisors produce a subject plan for the coming semester for each advisee student. After preparing a subject plan for a student, academic advisors are accountable to forward this plan to the academic advising unit and in parallel consult with the student about the proposed subject plan along with their expected graduation time frame.
The Deanship of Students Affairs at Najran University play a significant role in career counseling. This deanship helps expected to graduate students in their future career. Full time employees including professional are available within the deanship of student affairs. This deanship organizes an annual career day event to achieve the following goals:
  •  To provide university students with a wide spectrum of industrial companies and employers.
  • To provide job opportunities to students.
Moreover, academic advisors (CS program & IS program) also provide some kinds of career advising to students. They help students on matters about searching for a job, preparation for interview, preparing their CVs. Note that the academic advisors provide counseling on career planning the graduating/higher level students depending on the students' necessity