Current Research Topics
I am currently interested on following research topics: 
Model Verification
UML Model Verification
UML Class Diagrams Verification with OCL Constraints for Complex Models 
Formal Verification 
Feedback Tehcnique for Unsatisfiable UML/OCL Class Diagrams 
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 
Interoperability in Tele-medicine
Use of SOA in Tele-medicine health-care system. 
Model Driven Development (MDD)
Model Tranforamtion Using MDD
Verification Using MDD 
Funded Research Projects (FPR) 
Research Title : Modified Levensthein Distance for Duplicate Detection
Investigators : Asadullah Shaikh and Muniba Memon 
Grant No. : NU/ESCI/14/52 Najran University 
Start Date : January 2015
Start Date : January 2016
FPR. Status : In last Phase 
Research Title : Enhancing the Quality Of Service For Real Time Traffic Over Optical Burst 
Investigators : Muhammad Abdullatef Ali Al-shargabi and Asadullah Shaikh 
Grant No. : NU/ESCI/14/53 Najran University 
Start Date : January 2015
Start Date : January 2016
FPR. Status : Completed
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Previous Project I was involved during my master and PhD studies.
Methods and Concepts for Efficient Verification of UML/OCL Models at University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark. From 2010-2013.
A System Design for a Telemedicine Health Care System at G?teborg University, G?teborg, Sweden. From 2005-2007.
UMLtoCSP (UML/OCL Slicing Technique) (UOST) From 2008- til date